Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to make your own fresh flower hand bouquet

I made my own hand bouquet for my wedding to save on cost.
The bridal package that i rented only provides artificial ones. The cost to have a fresh flower hand bouquet was around rm100 and so I decided to make my own. I swapped a few things (ie the hand bouquet, veil, and shoes) that I didnt want to rent from the boutique but are included in the package with 2 White cushions for the solemnisation ceremony.

So, how to make you own bridal bouquet?
It is so easy and simple and it's much, much cheaper too.
The overall cost of my own bridal bouquet is only around RM 30.
My own bridal hand bouquet <3

What you'll need:
1. Fresh flowers of your choice

I bought the beautiful daisies from the morning market in chow kit. There's a stall that sells fresh flowers at quite reasonable prices. If I'm not mistaken, each stalk was sold at rm 1.50. So i bought 8 pink and dark purple daisies to match my wedding theme. It is advisable that you buy the flowers one day before your wedding day, if you are doing it yourself, or the morning of your wedding day if you could have someone to help you with.

2. Satin ribbon of your preferred colour
The satin ribbon that I used is lavender in colour. I loved it so much as it is exactly the colour that I wanted. I bought it at a shop in Seremban (while shopping for other wedding things) at about rm 2.50.

3. Pearl-top pins

4. Scissors and Cellophane tape

This is a video that has helped me in making the hand bouquet..

In this video, she does not use any pins. But if you want to make your hand bouquet looks much exclusive you can add up the pearl pins. I don't have pictures of my own bridal bouquet to show (forgot to take pictures of it amidst the nervousness of getting married) but these are few pictures that have inspired me.
My hand bouquet
Really love the combination of cream and lilac. And the pearls make the bouquet looks really  exclusive.

Have fun trying and happy saving!

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