Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 rings, tied in a promise

My engagement was very much unplanned.

When my husband and his family came on that day, my family only expects the event to be a discussion between my parents and his parents. I did not expect to become engaged whatsoever on that day. Well,if according to the islamic teachings i've already become engaged to him from the moment i I've agreed to marry him.

I was really nervous that day as i was meeting his parents for the first time and him for the second time. My head was spinning when suddenly my father said, " my wife and I have no objections to that suggestion. However we need to ask the person in topic herself."
Confused, I answered," if both my parents have no objections than i too will not object. I will just follow whatever they've decided."

Hearing my answer, his mother (aka my mother in law now) stood and pulled out a ring out her handbag. I was taken back a little as i was not expecting it and before i know it i've already given her my right hand and she slipped the ring into my ring finger. And it fits!

I was blushing so much that i dont dare look anyone in the eye at that time. Luckily my dad saved me from dying of embarrassment by announcing that it is time for lunch. My mother got up and turned for the kitchen and seeing that I quickly got up too and almost ran behind my mother.

But I didn't go to the kitchen. Instead I went into my sister's room where all my other sisters are waiting for firsthand stories of what has happened.

I stayed in the room until my fiance and his family was leaving. Only then I went out, and before he stepped out of the door, my fiance announced that he has prepared a gift for me, which was a book written by Ustazah Fatimah Syarha - Sebarkan cinta-Mu.

My wedding ring is another story that I would never forget.
We never went together to the jewellery shop to buy one so he asked me about my ring size and I told him, "Ask you mum because the engagement ring the other day fits." The truth is that I also don't know my ring size because I've never worn a ring before.

On our wedding day, both of us were really nervous when we finally saw each other after the solemnization.
He was escorted by my brother in law towards me to hand me the dowry. As he sat down in front of me, I was so nervous that I could not look at him in the eye. After he handed to me the dowry, it was time for him to put the ring on my finger. His hands were cold when he took my fingers and as he tried to slip the ring in, it got stucked in the middle of my finger. I heard his nervous voice said, "It doesn't fit. Can we try putting it on another finger?"
I imagined him trying to put the ring on my little finger which would be hilarious and I frantically said, "No,no it can fit." and helped him pushed the ring into my finger. Well, actually the ring really fits. It's just that he was really2 nervous and when it got a little bit stucked he freaked.

Now, when we talk about this incident again, we would both laugh thinking about how nervous we were on the day of our wedding.
With 2 rings, we were tied in a promise. A promise to be together till jannah, inshaAllah.
May Allah bless our marriage. Amin!

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