Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wedding date revised??


Just got back from induction program for 4 days and 3 nights. pheww..

I got the hospital that I applied for, Alhamdulillah..

But after I got the letter, I realised that my wedding date might clash with the duration of my tag of the 2nd posting.

FIY, for housemen working in government hospitals in Malaysia we need to undergo 2 weeks of tagging..

It's not that I can't apply for leave during that date. It will be difficult but it can be done, inshaAllah..

My main problem is that, none of my friends would be able to attend my wedding if that happens! Because they would also be doing their tagging rotation. And giving excuse such as wanting to attend a friend's wedding wouldn't be such a strong one to put in into the application form, would it?

Erghh.. I don't know what to do right now..

Have to wait until monday so that I could confirm the rotation schedule and then I would have to call to adjust the booking date of the hall..

Pray that everything would be at ease, InshaAllah..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Update preparation


Saje nk update preparation..

Setakat ni apa yang saya dah setelkan utk majlis saya nanti:-

1) Date (mmg dah lama set)
2) Dewan (deposit payed. to pay full payment one month before the event)
3) Catering (discussed with the owner who is a friend of my mum. no payment has been done yet. to discuss in detail 2 months before the event)
5) Baju untuk nikah (dalam pakej andaman, sekali dengan pelamin. dah ukur. to pay full deposit)
6) bilik pengantin (perabot, cadar, langsir dah beli.. tinggal nnt nk hias sikit2 je. letak2 bunga2 ke..)
7) baju bertandang (baru jek beli kain, belum tempah lagi. Currently, takde idea nk buat design baju ape. Tp takpe sbb kenduri sebelah lelaki lambat sikit. Kain warna peach atas pilihan bakal mak mentua. Loving the colour!)
8) photographer (dah book orangnye. Tinggal nak bayar deposit untuk confirmation.)

Perkara-perkara yang belum diselesaikan:

1) Dokumen-dokumen nikah.. (tunggu pihak lelaki selesaikan urusan dia dulu)
2) Kad jemputan (belum tempah pun lagi.. huhuhu.. mum and sis dah bising2 suruh tempah cepat2)
3) Doorgift semasa majlis (pening nk fikir.. tambah pening bila kita yang kena uruskan tapi orang lain pun ada idea dia jugak~)
4) Tempat nak akad nikah.. rumah ke masjid? masing-masing ade pros and cons dia.. untuk majlis akad nikah, ingat nak sewa bantal nikah dengan bridal shop je.. Tp my mum nk guna tok punya.. (risau sbb elok lg ke bantalnye???). Tak perlu mic untuk akad nnt.. buat menambah nervous bakal suami jek.. kalau kat rumah, nak pelamin ke? Tp hanya utk akad nikah je rasa cam tak berbaloi je..

Apa lagi ye..? Rasa macam banyak lagi benda yang belum selesai..

p/s: sorang-sorang je plan wedding sendiri..
p/p/s: only a few months left for preparation and I'm starting work soon so I don't know how I'm going to continue my preparation afterwards. Have to make use of any holidays that I earn.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding theme: Purple and white


Never thought that it would finally come to this, me writing about my wedding theme.

Always considered this blog as a source for me to share other things about my wedding, things that are more related to my goal of having a modest wedding.

But I guess, after days of having nothing to update, it has finally come to....

discussing my wedding theme!

The idea of having a purple and white wedding theme actually came to me one fine day, after trying on the wedding veil I'm borrowing from my sister's friend, who is also my senior in university. I have adored her solemnization veil and when I've decided to get married, I wanted to borrow it.

Her veil was ivory white with ivory lace and sewed on the lace are white pearls and some pinkish, purplish beads. To tell you honestly, the beads look more pinkish than purplish, but I knew that my fiance wouldn't want to wear pink on his wedding day, and I thought purple might suit too.

Why white and purple?

It is because, my plan is to wear only just one dress for my wedding day. Most brides would wear at least two dresses; one at solemnisation, and another one at the reception.

To save budget, I planned to wear the same attire for that day. I mean why not?

If you consider the cost, a typical modern baju kurung for solenization would cost at least rm 200. And this is only to be worn for a couple of hours. And after that, if you rent a pair of wedding attire from a boutique, the cheapest would be around rm 600 for both the bride and groom. If you are having one tailored, the cost would be much higher including the fabric and tailoring cost. That is however, also depends on the type of fabric that you've chosen and how elaborate you want your dress to be.

One would say, "Hey, it's your wedding day! What's wrong with spending a little more?"

Well, I would say that it is very impractical to pay such a big amount on a dress that you would only wear once and only for a couple of hours. Yes, you could rent it out. But, if you had it tailored the chances that someone would rent your dress is pretty low because they can't alter it. And a bridal boutique owner had once told me about customers wanting to sell to them their wedding dress. She said that most of the time it's quite difficult for them to accept because the fabrics used are sometimes not up to their standards. Unless you've bought the real expensive fabrics, then you might as well be able to rent it out or sell it to a boutique.

For sentimental value? Well, we've gonna have pictures and videos of the big day right? For me, that's enough as proof that I've once worn a wedding dress, or getting married for that matter!

Well, it's up to you to decide what you're going to do with your money. But, in the Al-Quran, Allah has said; The squanderers were ever brothers of the devils.." (Al'Israa':27) (Reminds me of a title of a movie: The Devil wears Prada)

Back to my wedding theme..

Hehe.. so I would really like to wear white or off-white on my wedding day, and I think there's nothing wrong of wearing white to the reception as well. There are other brides who've done that, and the westerners wear the same dress to their reception too. But to add some colour, I chose purple because you know, I love pink because I look good in pink but to respect the wish of my future husband, purple is the closest that I can get to pink! ^^,

And, my future husband would wear a baju melayu for the solemnisation and also the reception. Call me weird, but I like it much better for him to wear baju melayu instead of the fancy wedding attire that most bridegroom wear. And he prefers it too! ^^, I hope he would wear a purple sampin to match my dress. (I haven't discuss with him yet)

I think that's it for now about my wedding theme. There are other stories to share, and I'll update later about the theme on his side..

In the meantime, plan wisely my fellow bride-to-be! ^^,