Monday, August 6, 2012

Are you ready?

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

One of my friends once asked me how do I feel about getting married.

How do I know whether I am ready or not to carry the responsibility of being a wife?

And her last question was, when will it be her turn?

To her first two questions I honestly answered that up until today I don't know whether I am ready or not to be a wife. I am really nervous and also scared at the same time. The idea of marrying someone that I just know is really terrifying.

I only met my fiance 3 times throughout this 5 months we've been engaged and all 3 times are in the presence of my parents.

I am scared but I keep on praying to Allah that if he is destined to be my husband, if he is the one He has chosen for me, please guide me, please give me strength and please give me peace in my heart to accept him. Up until today, despite of all my uneasiness and reluctance, Allah has so far made all my wedding plans easy.. inshaAllah..

The truth is that in life you can never be ready. But eventhough you can't be ready, but you can surely be prepared.

To her other question, some of us might have also been wondering about the same thing. When will it be my turn?

To my friend I answered, do not become too focused on wondering when will it be your turn, because the only one who knows that answer is Allah alone. Keep on praying for the best and always remember that good things take time. I always tell myself that when Allah has seen that you are ready, He will surely send you the right person right away. But if you feel like you are ready but the right person has still yet to surface, perhaps that person is still in the process of tarbiyyah so that he/she can be the best spouse for you, in this life and in jannah.

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